The $8.08 State

What a strange, strange week….what with deaths and sicknesses (mine and GB’s), money woes and concerts and time spent with friends and schoolwork and lots of sleep and warmer-than-normal days and colder-then-normal nights…

I’m not going to bore you with a blow-by-blow account of the last week – in fact I’m not even going to run through the highs and lows…the thought just seems too tiring. I guess it’s suffice to say that I’ve barely been around a computer since last Wednesday (partially because I was out from work Thurs/Friday) and now, here on this sprawling Monday, I’m trying to figure out where to pick up the threads again.

I will share with you, however, the most recent of my money woes. Just because I feel like depressing the hell out of you.

I think it was Wednesday when I sat down and tried to figure out just exactly HOW much in debt I will be once I’m done with graduate school.

A rough ballpark figure put it at (cough) somewhere around $50K.


That didn’t seem right.

So I started a frantic cycle of adding and re-adding and sorting and re-sorting.

You see, at $50K, my monthly school loan payments would be more than $350 a month for 25 years.

So, after much hand-wringing and head-shaking and calculator-pounding I got the number back down to $40K. That’s if I don’t get anymore scholarships and don’t save any money on my own.

Still kind of high though – still around $300 I think.

Which is way more than what I would ideally like to pay.

So, I’ve set about this new regime…the all Shivers Saving Plan which will, if I am faithful, not only pay off all of my credit cards by the end of the year but will give me $5K in the bank by next August.

If I save up $5K AND get a $5K scholarship – I will really be doing well.

This money doesn’t include the $3508.08 check I will pick up on Wed. This check is the remainder of my financial aid monies (meaning I have to pay it back). I will use $3000 of it towards tuition for my Fall 2004 semester (so that I don’t have to apply for financial aid for that year). I will put $500 in my regular savings account for emergencies.

I think I will blow the remaining $8.08 on cheap makeup or Hello Kitty tchotckes…I know, I know, very irresponsible of me – but call it my final cash blowout.

Anyway, if I succeed in saving up at least $5000 then that should knock my monthly payments down quite a bit.

I’m so sick of thinking about money but I really need to start watching all my impulse purchases and meals….that’s what really gets me. If I could just exercise a little bit more self-control then I should be able to pay off my credit card balance AND save up mucho moola without any real problems.

If, if, if…

I’ve also decided to really clean out my CD collection. I have so much stuff that I NEVER listen to…stuff I like but don’t necessarily love. Stuff that’s just taking up a lot of space.

Stuff I could get cold hard cash for if I traded it in.

So I’ve been weeding through the racks and am hoping to make a trip to Amoeba soon. I’ll put the bulk of any cash I get into my savings account.

Maybe I should set up one of those Internet donation things? It worked for Save Karyn – why not a Save Shivers?

Just a thought.

In the meantime I'm really going to enjoy spending that $8.08...

1:23 pm - 02.10.03

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