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whoo, hoo, damn right I’m a star…

Sorry, I’m feeling downright giddy right about now. Not only did I get an A- on my term paper and an A in my independent study class*, but I’m also more than half-way through this work week and am right on schedule. I have two more projects to complete before Friday afternoon and I am, so far, moving along right on schedule – I don’t anticipate any problems (praying very hard to the time management gods, etc….)

And, last night we accomplished some major Christmas shopping – not done yet, but getting there. Thank goodness, it’s so nice to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and not freaking out because I think it’s just another train.

Yesterday was such a crap day at work. People breathing down my neck for no good reason – the stupid holiday office potluck. I’m sorry, I love food as much as the next person – if not more – but when the Big Cheese issues a mandate declaring that EVERYONE has to attend – um, well that’s just a bit much. I’m a vegetarian so basically this meant standing in line for a half-hour only to have to figure out what dish did or did not have meat and explain about a dozen or so time why I was not partaking in the “amazing” Bacon & Mushroom dip or the “fabulous” pork tamales or the “awesome” chicken couscous dish. I’m so sick of the question:So, you don’t eat any meat at all? Not even chicken?. No, because last time I checked, the chicken was an animal.

Now, I am hardly one of those self-righteous vegetarians. It’s my choice and I don’t/won’t lecture or question anyone else on their choices. I just ask that you do the same of me. Anyway, like I was saying, it’s no fun navigating the holiday office potluck when all you can put on your plate is some wilted salad, green beans and black beans.

Well, I did get to indulge in a ton of desserts…so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah…crap day at work…then dinner and Christmas shopping. GB and I made it through the Christmas shopping relatively unscathed – only one argument and that happened (and was resolved) before we even left the house.

But it was still thoroughly exhausting and by the time we got home – toting a bottle of wine we bought at Target (Target sells wine now! And some of it’s even halfway decent!) I was so tired that I hurt.

But I was also massively relieved that we’d gotten a chunk of shopping done and that I was done with my term paper (whatever the grade) and that I was making headway at work, so massively relieved that I just lost it.

In a good way.

We are talking major giggle fit.

I don’t even know what set me off (probably started while watching my cats go nuts over the new catnip-filled cat scratcher) but I could not stop laughing for the life of me…Or, when I did manage to stop laughing, the smallest thing would set me off again.

I laughed so much and so hard and so uncontrollably that it hurt.

And damn if it didn’t feel good.

And it made GB very very happy…he told me he hadn’t seen me laugh that much, let alone at all, in months.

So, tonight: baking and goof around on the computer, watch a little junk TV and read some girlie mags in the vein of Allure and Self or the newest issue of Bust that I haven’t even peeked at yet.


*Note to MG- The A grade is for my independent study lit class. Not sure of my fiction workshop grade but I’m pretty sure it’s an A…who knows what the cut-and-paste girl got – maybe a new pair of scissors and some glue?

5:32 pm - 12.18.02

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