how many times must i beg, steal or borrow?

K. thinks it's an odd coincidence that the very night we were planning to go see the Quasi Rock Star play at the Club - the very night I will see him for the first time in more than a year, just happens to be the second night GB is out of town.

I'm just saying... she said with a shrug this morning as we made our second loop around the park.

Coincidence...maybe I replied. But that's why you are going to be there.

Honestly, it's nothing. I just have to bring it to a close, you know?


Speaking of rock stars...

I just want to know one thing...are GB, K and I the only ones in this goddmaned town who don't do blow, smack or speed?

Just wondering.

It's getting a bit ridiculous -- all the stories I'm hearing now that GB's in the Band.

Him? And him? And them? And her??.

Indeed it's driving GB crazy.

I don't know how much more of this I can take he told me last night after he got home from practice and told me about a mutual friend he'd seen at the studio the other night doing blow. I don't like to think of T (the Band's drummer) doing blow so can he can drive 900 miles without sleep.

Fuck, call me square but that stuff just doesn't fly with me.

Come to think of it, I really am square aren't I?

Half my casual friends and acquaintances are in open relationships -- the other half seem to be doing serious drugs. Hell, half of them probably are involved with both.

Oh well, to each his or her own, right? Just leave me out of it. Hell, I don't even smoke pot anymore...although - call me a hypocrite - I don't have a problem with pot - at least when it's smoked in moderation. I have a problem with anything when it's done to excess...

GB's freakout train is slowly gaining speed...he's got less than 24 hours to finish laundry, pack, pick up last-minute things, change the strings on his guitar, return calls, make phone calls and deal with ever-evolving band dramas.

Last night he told me he wasn't even sure he was going to make it through the entire tour - what with all the drama and drugs and general chaos.

And if he does make it through he's not sure how much longer he'll make it after that.

It's sort of hard being the unofficial Band Captain - the guy who's got to keep all the shit together, inject common sense into every half-baked idea and sort out all the conflicting plans...

I seriously wouldn't be surprised if he quit the band...as much as he loves the music they're making...it's just such a headache...

...and now that he's going back to work...

anyway, we'll see...

In the meantime I'm trying to sort out my own life. My list of things do while GB is gone keeps growing and pretty soon it won't be like a vacation at all.

No, that's not right...most of the stuff is good stuff...

including, but not limited to (and this obviously just a partial list):

  • make anniversary comp CD for GB
  • go to Amoeba w/ K.
  • go to Ladyfest with LC
  • going out with K at night
  • lunch with Mom

On another note, I'm feeling better about the whole school thing (I think I said this before) and the borrowing-money-to-pay-for it...so what if I'll be in debt the rest of my life?

I mean really ... as long as I'm living the American Dream right?

Right - whatever that is....

2:02 pm - 07.16.02

sounds: Tender Idols - Distressor
words: Angels Go Naked - Cornelia Nixon
i am: eating lunch: Boca burger and Diet Cherry Coke


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