you can do it again if you like.....

What is the point of creating a to-do list when all you do is lose them?

The story of my life, kids…I swear.

Last night was a trip up to the Small Town to visit GB’s dad and step mom.

They’re moving to Oregon on Friday – central Oregon near the Coast. They bought some property up there several years ago and they finally sold their house here after finishing a small guest cottage in which they will live while building the main house.

It feels a bit weird to see them go of course. Especially for GB – his dad was born and raised in this small town and now at the age of 55 he has retired and is moving all his earthly possessions to a town that’s seven hours away.

I think it’s great actually. Instead of settling in – burrowing in deeper to the life he knows – he’s uprooting everything and making one of those huge life changes usually reserved for the twenty-something set.

It’s very inspiring.

We’ll miss them of course –though truthfully it’s not like we saw them that often while they were just 30 minutes away. I guess we’ll just miss the idea of knowing that they were so close.

OK – I’ve got to be honest here. I’ll miss his dad – I won’t miss his step mom.

This was the extent of our conversation with her last night (and it’s pretty much the same conversation we have every time we see her)

“blah blah blah blah your dad is trying to quit smoking blah blah blah blah my sister hates her job blah blah blah you kids need to blah blah blah and the pastor from my church brought over some blah blah blah blah my pap smear results were good but I was mad that I had to see a new doctor blah blah blah I had to rescue a pair of underwear from the movers blah blah blah trying to lose five pounds blah blah blah your dad doesn’t like salmon blah blah blah blah blah blah blah isn’t the dog cute? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound harsh but she’ just a tad bit too much. The kind of person who can talk for three hours and never once ask how you are….OK, I’m exaggerating …she’s not that bad – she’s just a bit tiring at times. And she is good for GB’s dad.

I’m sorry – I really just sound like a bitch don’t I?

I really am sorry. Seriously. I mean it..I'm taking it back.

Fuck. Sometimes I really don't like me.

Anyway…we’re going to visit them the day after Thanksgiving – I love coastal Oregon – it should be really nice.

Today. First day of school. Many thanks to everyone who signed my guestbook w/ words of support and wisdom…I really appreciate it.

(Although, confidential to the dimwit who wanted to take me to task for stating my dislike of “Friends” - um…what’s your fucking point? Get a life…or at least get some balls and sign your Diaryland name.).

Last night about 9 p.m. I started having a serious energy breakdown. Not good – especially considering I won’t hit the road after class tonight until at least 8:30pm. Going to have to find a coffee shop to hit up. My mother – being the mother that she is – wants me to ‘note all the nice motels between the campus and home’ in case I’m too tired to drive.

Sigh. If I’m that tired I’ll go nap in a gas station parking lot or something but it’s only a 90 minute drive so I am not paying $50 for a motel room. Mostly I think I’ll just need coffee – and lots of it.

Maybe I’ll find a place that sells it by the quart-load.

Got paid today – thank God – went from being super-broke to freakin’ rich. Well not really – but there were three pay periods this month instead of the usual two so I do have extra cash that will come in handy for school books, a few bills and a trip to Sephora.

I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with Sephora lately. Normally I'm pretty content with drugstore-brand cosmetics – I don’t wear a ton of make-up anyway. But the last few weeks I’ve been thumbing longingly through the Sephora catalog making a mental wishlist of all the Stila, Urban Decay and BeneFit stuff that I want.

I’m going to treat myself to a few things I think – I’ve got tomorrow off from work so maybe I’ll head down to the local Sephora shop and browse at my leisure.

I love having days off during the work-week. Fridays especially. I’m even getting a pedicure tomorrow – with a gift certificate GB gave me. I’m going to be downright girlie tomorrow. My back-to-school treat….

Sorry this is such a random stream of consciousness mess….maybe I need that quart of coffee now…..

11:35 am - 08.29.02

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