don't go down to doldroms (pt. 2)

You know what, I think I'm just going to abandon Internet Explorer and go with Safari or Netscape...it feels a little retro to me but it also just displeases me to no end that Microsoft Word can't fix its IE for Mac bugs....so fine, screw it and for all of you out there looking at my guestbook page on a Mac using IE 5.2...I sincerely apologize --to all, what, three of you?

OK, enough about that...It's Sunday, it's rainy outside and this is so, so, SO good...I've been in a bit of a funk the past few days....not entirely sure why...I think part of it has to do with my birthday. It's not happening for another two months but I'm turning 35 (!) and I wanted to throw a party to celebrate both the last birthday I ever intend to recognize and also the fact that I will (knock on wood) be done with my master's. Only, here is mid-October and there are practically no free days on our December calendar. How scary is this? Well, I mean there are practically no free potential party days. Every Saturday in December is BOOKED.

It is only Oct. 17 people, how can this be???
So, that leaves the option of a Friday or Sunday night party. For me, Friday does not seem like a good idea because most people will have worked all day (including me in all likelihood) and a Sunday party means it would have to probably start and end earlier.

Not that I was planning on a raging all-nighter mind you, but still.

GB suggested we have it January but that seems like to much after the fact to me.

And then there is just this nagging feeling of well who even cares about your stupid party? Who's going to show up anyway?

I hate that I am nearly 35 and my brain is apparantly still powered by the critical voice of the most popular girl in junior high school.


Anyway, after a minor hissyfit over this, GB promised we'd work something out and it may not be ideal but if I can just get some good friends to turn out and help me celebrate the fact that I've been an awful, school-obsessed friend for the last two-and-a-half years, well then I'll be grateful.

Other than that I'm not sure just where all the funk is coming from, but hopefully today's rain will clear some of it away. That and I had a really good time out with LC yesterday (shopping, lunch) and that was so very much needed on many different levels. And even though I spent a little too much money overall I did get the most amazing pair of pants. They are simple khaki pants --sounds boring I know --but they fit so very perfectly and are slightly cropped and make me feel like Laura Petrie...I love, love, LOVE them.

And even though last night's rock show was marred by a few cranky moments between me and the spouse, everything turned out OK and now he is in the studio recording all day today and I have the house completely to myself and this means closet cleaning, loud music and possibly baking. All things that are usually surefire cures when I'm afflcted with a case of the funky doldrums.

P.S. Can somebody leave me a note and let me know the code that's needed so that the three options fields show up??? I can't seem to find that info anywhere in the D-land help section and I didn't save the info from my old template....

2:17 pm - 10.17.04

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