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Well, I think we have come to a decision, for now, on this whole house thing. Hey, I asked for a sign last week (a sign that the money situation would work itself out) and I think we got one when A) a 2-bedroom 900 sq. foot house priced at "only" $235K turned out to have $27K in pest damage (beetles!) not documented on the contract (because the seller doesn't want to fix it or deal w/ it in regards to a bank) and 2) when the A.C. crapped out in GB's car (on the hottest day of the season so far) - to the tune of $1200!

We'd been driving around all afternoon on Sunday - venturing into some of our third and fourth-choice neighborhoods (and woefully noting the state and size of the "affordable" homes) when I whipped out my cell phone which has a handy calculator feature and tapped in some numbers.

If we waited a year,I said, we could save up another $20K.

At least that much, said GB.

Well, if you factor in emergencies, occasional shopping sprees and maybe a trip - then probably that much, I countered.

Another twenty thousand would give us $35K towards a down payment. Now of course this still wouldn't equal a 20 percent down payment on a $250K house, much less a $300K house ($301K being the median house price here). But still, it'd be closer. And maybe we could afford a tiny bit more ...

And then again, maybe housing prices will go up twenty percent in the next year - just like they did in the last 12 months. Then again, maybe they'll only go up eight percent - as projected by M0ney magazine. Or maybe the housing market will start to flatten out and prices won't go up at all. Hell, maybe it'll bottom out and prices will go down.

Is it evil of me to wish that the market would bottom out? Gah...I'll be evil then. It's just ridiculous to think about paying $300K-plus for a postage stamp-sized house. Or a house on a street where all the front yards are enclosed by chain link fences.

GB and I both agreed that we refused to live on the chain link fence street.

Call us snobs, but....

Anyway, after the beetle house and the blown a.c., we nursed our wounds over ice cream and discussed the future. We agreed that, for now, it'd be best to just save more money and if something comes along between now and next June - we'll be open to it, but otherwise, no rush.

Best-case scenario: we save more money and get more house for our buck.

Worst-case scenario: housing prices continue to rise at a dramatic, break-neck pace and we're in the exact same situation.

Maybe we'll move to St. Louis. The median house price there is only $118K. You people have it made - let me tell you. Enjoy it while you can.

We are going to look into the possibility of a loft - although most of them around here seem to be just rentals....but, there are several old buildings being converted and I've signed up for a couple of info e-mail lists.

We've also just tossed out the idea of renting forever because, tax breaks and ability to paint a home cute colors, I'd rather just rent than get into a super-expensive place that's bone-crunchingly tiny and run-down.

Anyhoo- after that it was like a weight had lifted off our shoulders and I think we're both pretty happy with the decision. The rest of the weekend was better and included a Sunday night movie (Super-S1ze Me) and a trip to the City.

Tonight is a going-away dinner for M. and then the rest of the week is busy with little actitivies...Two weeks until our NYC trip and there's still lots to be done - including buying gifts for our hosts *and* buying gifts for the baby shower and baby christenings we must attend the very next day (two different events, same day) after we get back from the East Coast.

What I would really like right now is a glass of iced-tea and a spot on my couch - maybe a nap beneath the sunny window, cats nestled in next to me.

I feel lazy....in a good way.

Happy June everyone.

3:03 pm - 06.01.04

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