hold on, slow down

Oh my god, when did I get so busy? I can't even see straight I'm so busy.

(So what am I doing? I'm sitting here writing a diary entry...because otherwise I think I might explode with the pressure of it all)

Believe it or not, it's not so much school but everything else that's got me in a whirl. Work. Family. Friends. Although I did enjoy a nice freakout yesterday when I got an e-mail from my VDW, my thesis advisor, saying he'd received my final revised story and it looked fine but now he wanted to write the second half (it's part one of a longer piece). WRITE. THE. SECOND. HALF. ?????? I'm trying to get my thesis done, read by my reader, formatted, proofed, polished and signed by Nov. 23 and you want me to WRITE. THE. SECOND. HALF. of this story???????

Yeah, minor freakout. Turns out he just meant that, after I graduate, he wants me to continue with it and he wants to read it when he's done.

Good lord. Actually, I'm insanely flattered that he even wants to have anything to do with me post-graduation. So yeah,

But work, oh my god work....there's so much of it...where did it all come from? And when? I seem to remember a day about two weeks ago where I actually felt bored ....now, not so much.

Life itself has been crazy too....There are so many obligations and every night of the week seems to be filled for one reason or the other.

Oh, and then last week was LC's birthday...I went by her apartment in the City after class last week to share some birthday cocktails and cupcakes at a little party she was having. It was fun. It was pink and girly and birthday goodness.

And then I went to leave and realized that my car had been towed.

did you hear me?

My. Car. Was. Towed.

In a city that's 90 miles from my house.


Seems I'd blocked someone's driveway --but really, I KNOW I didn't block any damn drive-way...my car was a little past the end of the curb....maybe by a half-foot....but I wasn't blocking any goddamned driveway....anyway, I walked back to LC's and tried not to panic as she fished out the towing number....You know, it's great that they have a 24-hour hotline and all...but it doesn't help when that number puts you into voicemail hell -- the kind of hell that goes like this:

if you want to speak to an operator and find out about your towed vehicle, press zero (this is where I press zero)...if you want to speak to an operator and find out about your towed vehicle, press zero (this is where I press zero)...if you want to speak to an operator and find out about your towed vehicle, press zero (this is where I press zero)...if you want to speak to an operator and find out about your towed vehicle, press zero (this is where I press zero)...

...anyway - you get the picture.

Finally, LC's boyfriend, MC drove me to police station (which is in a part of town that's just dandy at midnight) - the towing center is nearby there - and I got my car back to the tune of $171.....then the next morning GB found that they'd stuck a ticket beneath my passenger side windshield wiper - $75...for a grand total of $246...fun.

But, I am extremely grateful to MC for escorting me downtown and keeping me calm about the car by raising my ire with election talk...we both got good and riled up and I almost forgot that I was worried that my car wouldn't be there -- until we drove up to the tow yard and I warned him that I might freak out if they didn't have it...

OK, but here's another thing. I really have no room to whine about anything. I just found out earlier today that a girl who works down in the graphics dept - she lost everything --including her two cats -- Monday night in an apartment fire. She wasn't home at the time, she was here working. The fire started in someone else's unit and spread to hers.

She has renter's insurance with a $250 deductible--but can you imagine it? Losing everything? Losing your pets? I don't really know here, but it made me feel so awful I wanted to cry. She's a little younger than me, lives alone....anyway, our department was taking up a collection to pay her deductible and give her money to buy some essentials. I donated the $20 I'd just pulled from the ATM for tonight's dinner...it doesn't seem like much, but it's the most I can really do right now. I gave it to the woman collecting the funds and was relieved to see she already had an envelope stuffed with cash.

Fuck...she lost everything.

Like I said, I really don't have room to complain about anything right now.

PS, according to her I've had 1,004 entries and 114 people have added me and I need to write a book. Well, actually now it's 1006 entries and these last 2 were pretty whiny and it's now only 113 people who have me on their buddy list...does that get me off the hook?

Jesus. 1006...How did that happen?

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