She said “do you know?” ….and that’s what started it all….

I think, slowly, things are returning to “normal”

Yeah, whatever that is.

But seriously folks…nearly a week after GB’s return things finally feel as if they are back in the balance.

GB has resolved most of the band stuff – except for the hard feelings, but that will take time. He was (is) pretty angry – not just about how they behaved on tour (jesus christ, I just cannot for the love of Irene get over the whole prostitute thing – the nightly prostitute thing. Ick) but how they’ve behaved since then. They threatened to smash his equipment (luckily it’s all back – in good shape). They’ve said he’s got a chip on his shoulder. They’ve said he’s let down the band. Etc. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, his anger and stress made him a bit of a walking time bomb and I’m afraid I don’t do well with time bombs. Actually I do just smashing with them – I set them off wherever I go.

Soooo….after fighting for the first half of the week solid we are finally….not fighting.

It got pretty bad there for a while though. As bad as it used to be.

It was, to say the least, emotionally draining, scary and nerve-wracking.

But things are OK now. We had a really long talk Tuesday night (it was Tuesday right? God…what day is it today? What did we do Wednesday night? Oh that’s right – I crashed out early…) and even though it meant I didn’t get to sleep until 2:30 a.m. – this during a stretch of days where sleep has not been my friend – I am glad that we cleared the air on a lot of things.

He started his new job today. Called me a few hours ago to say hi –so far so good though basically all he’s been doing is all the kind of stuff you do on the first day of a new job.

Angel Boy just called….he’s going to meet us at the show tonight. I told him GB was at work

What a dumb ass I am! he said. I totally forgot that was today! And I just left him a message at home…I’ll have to buy him a drink tonight

Nah, not a dumb ass at all …after 7 ½ months of being unemployed it just feels like routine … but we’ll definitely get used to this new routine.

In fact this morning I was very happy to be able to blast NPR so that I could hear it in any point of the house – as opposed to trying to be quiet and respectful.

Of course, most mornings we’ll actually be vying for the same space and resources (shower, mirror, etc) – when he was working before he actually went in earlier than I did – so that will take some getting used to.

To make up for all the horrible fighting this week we have planned a weekend of fun, stress-free outings including but not limited to: thrift store shopping, antique store browsing, bad TV, movies and food.

No work. No stresses. No major commitments.

Just fun.

Today, to kick off the stress-free indulgence weekend (and to celebrate the fact that I just got paid and that there are three pay periods this month PLUS a financial aid check coming my way) I pointed my mouse to Sephora for a few treats.

I’m afraid my dear friend Joke Girl has gotten me hopelessly hooked on grrrly (with an emphasis on the three ‘r’s) things in cute packages.

But I mean, really – who could resist an eyeshadow called Midnight Cowboy? Not me, that’s for damn sure.

Speaking of which – yesterday I did my first photo shoot.

That’s right, I’m a glamour girl now.

Ha…kind of.

You see, a friend of mine is freelancing for some women’s magazine (nothing super-cool like Jane or Marie Claire or even Self) and she’s doing this article on getting in touch with your younger self and she wanted to interview me for it.

Next thing I know a photographer is calling me to set up a photo shoot.

It was very very strange. She brought along a makeup artist who spent 45 minutes crafting a “natural look”.

Yeah, natural my ass.

I looked like a freaking clown – at least in person. It was pretty funny though – they took some test Polaroids and when you look at those you can’t tell that I’m caked with blush and foundation and oodles of white stuff that apparently worked very well at concealing the fact that I have dark circles under my eyes. They let me keep the Polaroids - GB liked one of them so much (me sitting down on a curb looking particularly kid-like, I guess) that he asked if he could put it on his new desk at work.

Anyway- what was most amusing to me was when the makeup artist asked how I wanted my lips to look.

Soft or medium she said.

I decided on medium – something distinct but not over the top right?.

OK, my “medium” and her “medium” were two completely different things. MY medium is something along the lines of Hey, I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I do like my lips so let’s show ‘em off a bit

HER medium was my va-va-va-voom, I’m gonna go out and be a vampy flirt girl tonight….

After the shoot – which lasted two hours – I took one of those facial cleansing wipes and rubbed off everything but the eye makeup (which actually did look pretty nice and low-key). When I was finished I brought the cloth out for GB to see (when GB saw my made-up face – before the shoot – he couldn’t help but laugh though he swears it was because of the mortified expression on my face).

Normally I told him, this cloth would show BARELY ANYTHING – just a hint of foundation

But not last night – no this cloth was a kaleidoscope of colors. Very pretty indeed.

But definitely not me.

And thus concluded my reign as a Glamour Girl.

Back to the old Shivers ….

Like I said…everything is in balance now.

5:11 pm - 08.02.02

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