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I think we may have a ghost in our house. Seriously

The other night I was working on the laptop at our dining room table when the gray cat – who had been lounging on the table next to me – suddenly freaked out and hightailed it to the bedroom. She ran so fast she could barely gain traction and it took several seconds of literally spinning her paws in place before she made it around the corner and down the hallway.

GB and I followed her – totally bewildered – and found her beneath the bed. We were able to coax her out after a few minutes but she was definitely spooked. Her tail was fluffed out racoon-style and her already-big eyes were gigantic saucers. She walked around the room sniffing out a scent.

It must be a ghost I said, only half-joking. She’s definitely freaked out by something that we can’t see..

The orange cat just slept through the whole thing.

Told Angel Boy about it last night.

I’ve never gotten a ghostly feeling about this place, he said – being the kind of person who definitely gets ‘feelings’ about places.

Yeah, you’d think that after four years we’d have already gotten a ghostly feeling if there was one to be had, I said.

This morning I got the ghostly feeling – and then remembered feeling it once before.

I was in the bathroom this morning – leaning over the sink to brush my teeth when I felt pressure on my lower back – as if someone had placed his or her hand there and was pressing down. A definite, very physical feeling. Not a brush, not a hint – a certain something touching me.

I shot up and turned around.

Just me – not even the cats were around.

I remembered having that feeling once before – I think it was in the kitchen, several months ago.

Very strange.

I do hope they’re nice ghosts.

Have a new cubicle-mate today. Someone new moved into the desk next to mine.

At least she was new to me.

I introduced myself and she informed me, very snottily, that she’d been here for several years – she’d just been in a different building.

I recognized her name, just not her face.

Oh well.

I’ll continue to try and be nice – for a while.

Pre-ordered the new Jets to Brazil CD today – it doesn’t come out until OCTOBER – but they can hold my $10 and make interest on it…just get it to me as quickly as you can.

Officially debuted my personal Web site today. Sent out an e-mail to a bunch of a friends.

That felt very weird.

I was simultaneously shocked, dismayed and pleased when I checked the stats counter and saw that 33 people have visited it since I sent out the e-mail this morning. Some of them have read numerous pages.

It feels strange because, unlike with this diary, I really have no control over who sees it. Meaning that this diary is anonymous so, for the most part, no one I know will visit it. The other site isn’t. Of course my “journal” page on there isn’t anything like this page...

And finally….today is my third wedding anniversary.

I am very very happy about this. I know I’ve said it before but it just feels like such a major accomplishment.

Tonight we’ll go have dinner somewhere, maybe hit up a movie – though there’s not much that I want to see right now – or maybe just get ice cream and go for a drive….whatever…as long as we enjoy the moment.

Last night I walked down the hallway and passed the picture of us taken on our wedding day. We’re smiling – of course – though we both look slightly dazed and tired.

It’s hard to believe that was three years ago.

It feels like both yesterday and a million years ago…

1:20 pm - 08.14.02

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