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I'm pretty bummed that the last D-land crash cost me the images from my last layout. Of course it's my fault that I never uploaded those photos to my own computer....but still. I even spent a good hour or so scouring the stock photo site from which they came - I found one of the photos and saved that, but not the other. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the other sometime soon. In any case I saved the other layout and maybe I can eventually return to it...

Anyway, here's the fix for now. Not sure how much in love I am with this template but it'll do for now. Might have to tinker with that background color ...

The spouse and I had a huge, HUGE talk about the house thing yesterday and I think we're somewhat sort of back on track ...

...and just in the nick of time because within a 20 minute span today we got a call from some good friends AND our realtor - both calling to tip us off on a house. It's $10K more than our self-imposed spending cap. It's in a neighborhood that borders on sketchy --i.e., every other house is amazingly cute and every other house is, uh, not -- it's right across the street from where I went to high school.
It's two bedrooms, built in 1940s, has a "bonus" room that screams "office", it has a big kitchen, a giant "art studio" in the back that was probably once the garage and could probably be turned into a garage again. It has a huge backyard that is in desperate need of landscaping but does have a few pretty flowers and a plum tree. It has a very cute front yard with a chain link fence that's just begging to come down. It has cute houses all around it. It has hardwood floors and built-in bookcases and a huge laundry room.

It is absolutely adorable and we both love it. I think the neighborhood has a great potential. The houses there are already going for nearly double what they were going for five years ago. That's a good sign, right? We're talking a neighborhood that's one-part ghetto, one-part growing arts community, one-part people who have lived there for ever and one-part new young people.

I love,love, LOVE this house. It is 1120 square feet.

Did I mention the bonus room that is screaming/whispering/teasing the word "office" in my ear?

Did I mention the built-in bookshelves? The built-in hutch?

The chain link fence that practically grabbed me on the way out and whispered, hey, replace me with a white picket fence and you'll never want to leave me again?

OK. Breathe. We're supposed to go talk to the realtor again in an hour and I've also put a call into the mortgage broker.

...it does feel kind of weird to think about living so close to where I went to high school but what is funny is that when I used to sit in my 10th grade history class --which was actually on th other side of the school-- I used to stare at all the cute houses and dream of living in one. Who knew that there was the possibility that I would, after living in parts all over town and even in other cities, I could someday return to it?

And, despite the occasional horrible memory associated with my time in high school - I always actually really really liked the school itself (in my day it was a visual and performing arts magnet school, now it's a charter school but still has a strong arts emphasis...and interestingly enough one of my best friends from high school is now the arts department chair...) and I still really like the school ...

Ok, I'm blabbering now...

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

3:31 pm - 03.26.05

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