simmering, seething, waiting to boil over...

(Note: the following entry is very disjointed and rambling. Don't say you haven't been warned...)

So I think classes went alright yesterday. At least that's what I told GB.

"You think they went well?" he asked.

Yeah, I think so....i'll let you know later when I'm sure.

OK, so some clarification lest anyone think I'm Wonder Woman or anything. I'm taking three classes but two of the classes are actually one - it's kind of complicated. I'm T.A.-ing a split level (grad/undergrad) class AND I'm doing an independent study version of the class. Which means I read the same reading list - and I've already read more than half the books as part of a class last semester - plus some secondary readings and other extra research. Plus a term paper. Yay. Love the term papers. Still have to write my summer independent study term paper. Technically the summer class is actually on my fall transcript which means I actually have til Dec. - but I'd rather get it done this month.

Kind of have a crush on my fiction workshop teacher. Was afraid he'd be terribly pretentious and arty - he writes work that leads one to believe that he'd be ultra-arty in person. But no, so far he's been incredibly nice, graceful and humble. And he remembered my name after one brief meeting in the Quad...And he's cute. And he's talented.

I also think I have a crush on one of the girls in the class that I'm T.A.-ing/taking. She has long dark hair w/ choppy bangs and was wearing the most kick-ass red-gingham cowgirl shirt. Maybe I just have a crush on her shirt. Then again, she was also very nice.

So when GB asked me: So how was the first day - any cute boys or girls - or teachers? And I hesitated to answer...he just laughed and said you don't have to answer that.....

Yes, I do have a great husband.

It did feel good to be on campus and realize how far I've come since a year ago when I was just freaking out about being there and feeling so lost and petrified.

I mean, I'm still freaking out and all - but for different reasons. And I know that I've already made it through two semesters and if I just make it through this semester (15 more weeks to be exact) then I'll have seven classes done - which means I only need four more for the M.F.A.

Well that and they have to approve my thesis project...but still...

whoa...the reality of it all is starting to sink in...and give me a headache...

speaking of headaches...

After class last night, I raced home and made it to the last hour of GB's show w/ the Band...then I came home while he was still breaking down and watched most of the repeat of the Video Music Awards....

Now I am tired, tired, tired today...headachy...but a nap is on the horizon and then dinner and maybe a DVD ....a nice three-day weekend to come...the first one I have not worked in forever....homework....but not yet of the staggering amount variety...so I can deal...for now...

I am seriously trying to decide whether the tutoring thing will work out. I really really really want to do it. I'm just worried how it will impact everything else.

And if they'd just freaking get back to me already about whether it's OK to just commit to one day a month - well that would help too.

Anyhoo - the lovely Myra-Lee has left me some questions in my guestbook that I will get to this weekend...thank you Ms. Myra-Lee!

5:09 pm - 08.29.03

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