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Ah Monday afternoon and two – count ‘em TWO – projects completed and one under way. I think I deserve a moment or two to just relax here at the ol’ homestead - dontcha think?

A very whirl-wind but fun weekend – except for the part where our flight into Burbank was two hours late. All of the Southwest flights were delayed due to bumpy weather and so we did not find check into our hotel room until nearly 1 a.m.. And thus it was that I didn’t realize they’d overcharged me on the room until right as I was falling asleep and a little mechanism clicked inside my over-tired brain and I realized the number I signed on the credit card slip was not the same number we had agreed upon when I made the reservation.

Luckily they were quite nice the next morning when I stopped by the front desk to straighten it out. They damn well better have been what with the $9 a day parking charge and $14 a day room tax they slapped on. Nice huh? Once you added up all the taxes and surcharges the room ended up costing about $50 more than I’d anticipated.

Oh well, it was nice and it was very close to the wedding.

Oh yeah, the wedding. Goodness gracious.

It was a bit like a mini high school reunion – which was both good and bad. The wedding itself was really nice – kind of informal and kitschy and over-the-top with humor –but also a bit intimidating at the same time because it took place on the grounds of what can only be described as an Italian villa. Yes folks – you may not have known it but there is an Italian villa nestled in the mountains of Southern California. This place was all grand sweeping rooms and Italian tile verandas and sprawling lawns and gurgling fountains and money, money, money. I guess they rented it out for the day from its owners. I don’t even want to know how much it cost. It was lovely but I admit that I’m never comfortable in the presence of such grandeur – at least the kind of grandeur that money buys you.

But, like I said, the ceremony was nice and what was even nicer was when GB and I were able to leave about two hours into the reception and spend some time alone together. We programmed in the address for Real Food Daily in West Hollywood into our little Magellen computer (one of the benefits of arriving to the car rental place very very late and having a reservation was that we got a free upgrade to a nicer, bigger car equipped with more perks). After our lovely vegan meal we zipped on over to Amoeba and did a bit of browsing. Then it was back to the hotel room in time for Saturday Night Live and the White Sripes.

Then sleep, blessed sleep.

But not enough sleep.

I ended up crashing hard yesterday afternoon – despite an iced coffee. Probably had something to do with having to deal with all those people and baggage checks and security screenings and tiny airplane seats for the flight home. Once we got home and unpacked and gave attention to the cats I took an intense 45-minute nap before getting up to do homework, made stir fry and then settled in for a tape of last week’s Survivor (honey, don’t feel ashamed…these types of shows are good ways to vent aggression) and then the Sopranos.

The best thing about the weekend was not coming home broke and destitute. I still have enough $$ to cover the groceries, car insurance and other stupid things that insist upon reminding me of my adulthood status.

Tonight: buying groceries, fixing dinner and homework.

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