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I've calmed down a bit since the beginning of the week when i was freaking out about work and life in general. Partly because I had a good conversation with GB over beer and he gently reminded me that I often think this way (that nobody likes me, that i'm screwed, that because i don't like playing the game, I get left out) and that it's often proved to be wrong.

I know you, he said. I know how you think and I also know how things usually turn out.

And then yesterday I got a call from someone here (here being work) in P.R. and they asked me to be involved in this big community shindig we do every year. Basically it will mean me doing a workshop with a local high-profile person.

J (big cheese boss, second-in-command) said you'd be great at this said the P.R. lady. And I just wanted you to know that there are people here saying really nice things about you.

Miss P.R. Lady was like my little guardian angel sitting on my shoulder and telling me to stop freaking out already cuz this ain't junior high.

Sometimes I really do need a swift kick in the pants.

Which brings me to my mother (adoptive mother) who tried to guilt trip me the other day because I'm wavering between taking two and three classes next semester. The only reason I'm wavering, I tried to tell her, was because I'm also going to be doing some tutoring PLUS I'm working on the campus literary mag.

And yet she still tried to tell me that I should take that third class so that if you look at my transcript it doesn't look like I just took the bare minimum of classes to get my MFA.

Well, hell - if someone wants to think that and doesn't take all the other stuff into account (the tutoring, the literary mag, the fact that I work FULL TIME and am COMMUTING 180 miles round-trip just to get to the freaking school in the first place - well scew them.

Damn. I know my mother means well, but still....grrrr......

Speaking of mothers - the Bio Mom this time - it seems that Bio Mom and Step Dad had a brush with disaster last week. I'll give you the D-land digest version: BioMom and Step Dad went to bed late one Saturday night after a trip to the Big City (having decided not to stay there overnight). Step Dad fell asleep right away but Bio Mom couldn't sleep. At 2 a.m., as she lay in bed lamenting her lack of sleep, she heard a series of snap, crackles and pops outside the bedroom window.

No, it was not a renegade band of Rice Krispy elves ... rather, the sound came from flames shooting off a pecan tree.

She screamed for my Step Dad to wake up and when they went in the backyard they saw a huge wall of flames.

(Here's where I make the story short). Neighbor guy who lives behind them had set his house on fire (on purpose) and the flames spread to Bio Mom & Step Dad's back yard and garage. Neighbors tried to help put out the fire w/ garden hoses. When the police and fire dept. showed up, crazy neighbor guy tried to commit suicide by slashing his throat and stabbing his chest.

He survived and now he's in a state mental hospital and Bio Mom and Step Dad are recovering from the shock and getting estimates on repairing their garage. Everything in it was damaged.

Bio Mom was remarkably upbeat about it on the phone - you know all things considered. They'd already been thinking about moving into a bigger house on the same street and this has sort of solidified that decision. It's a horrible thing, you know, but all you can do is move on.

Crazy crazy...I am just so glad she was awake at 2 a.m. (and that they hadn't stayed overnight in the Big City) because otherwise they might be completely out of a house - or worse.

Alright, It's 3:30 - I must leave work soon to take the cat for her re-check at the vet. Here's to hoping she doesn't pee all over me when I try to get her into her cat carrier. That would suck because A)the vet needs a sample of her pee to check for bacteria, so she needs to be full of pee when she gets there, not pee-less and B) well because I don't enjoy being sprayed with cat pee.

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