such great heights?

Well, my last day of class (ever*) was rather anticlimatic -- seeing as how I didn't go and all.

I had intended on going - I'd even made a cake for the potluck. But then my arm cancer got the best of me.

Oh, OK, it's just the early stages of carpal tunnel as she kindly pointed it out it might be (yes, I know I'm a hypochondriac...I really am)....it took my boss ordering me to the company physician's office (yes, we have a Dr's office at our company) after I complained that my entire hurt so bad that I was sick to my stomach and my fingers were numb and tingling.

So about two hours and some shock tests later (no, really), I was given an anatomy lesson, some drugs, a wrist brace and an appointment with said Dr. every week for the next eight weeks. Someone's also supposed to come by to take a look at just how ergonomically correct my desk situation isn't. In any case, by the time I got out of there it was too late to even think of traipsing 90 miles down to class during rush hour traffic--I would have gotten there maybe right before it ended. So I carefully wrote an e-mail (my entire arm and shoulder was in flaming pain by this time) off to my professor and went home to enjoy my final night of class at home watching Surv1vor.

And so that's that. I have my MFA.

Now what?

Well, now I'm still dealing with the arm. It's much much better today but last night it got so awful that it was all I could do to just concentrate on breathing. I occasionally had to bite my numb hand just to make sure it was still there -- and also concentrate on something beside the gripping pain.

But yes, much better today and I have been going non-stop since 7:45 a.m. On a freaking Saturday. I had to work this morning for a few hours. Then run errands. Then come home and make lists. Then more errands. Then Christmas shopping at a local arts/crafts/clothing fair (scored two crocheted scarves, one for me, one for LC, some adorable magnets made with bottlecaps, vintage pictures and resin (again,some for me and some for LC) and two very cute T-shirts (both for me). All for $66. Not bad. One of the T-shirts was free, an early birthday gift from the vendor.

Then, home again to quickly eat so that I could take my drugs and get them into my bloodstream before the effects of the morning dose of drugs wore off. Watched the game and then started doing some holiday baking. First up was a "test" cake --Sourcream Hazelnut Bundt cake...If this one turns out OK I'll make another for the work holiday potluck.

It's all about the test cakes. You see, I'm actually glad I didn't get to take my bundt cake to class on Thursday because I realized it had turned out rather dry when I had it for dessert that night during the tribal council vote. So yes, remember the test cakes, people.

Right now I'm working on some peppermint bark. This is my first go at it and right now it doesn't seem hard to make, per se, just very time-intensive. Hopefully it'll turn out.

OK, that's all.

Did I mention that I am done with school?

*ever as in "until the next time I get a wild scheme to re-vamp my life and take out a lot of money in student loans."

Oh, also, for work today I saw the new Lemony Sn1cket film....kind of clever and fun, kind of just OK, kind of disappointing -- all at the same time. Oh well.

9:26 pm - 12.11.04

sounds: dripping water
i am: done with school and kind of freaked out about it...


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