teenage kicks

Aiiii....5:30, still at work, not sure when I'm leaving...basically just waiting around for someone to get back to me on something...

I guess I could be more productive than this and, you know, catch up on some work...but....no....

Strange week so far. Wait, is "strange" the right word? I don't know.

For starters my carpa1 tunnel syndr0me is driving me crazy - i've been to the work Dr. twice this week and have also had to drive way the *%$! out of my way to get X-rays. Happily, according to the work Dr., i have the "nicest hand and wrist" he's seen in a long time. Well, that's good. But it doesn't explain the continuing and migrating numbness and pain. So not good.

More pain drugs and then another visit with him next week - in the meantime I have to wear this dandy wrist brace whenever I type and when I sleep. Wrist brace? So not sexy....

On a completely unrelated note, GB and I have decided to switch both our mortgage broker and our realtor. On a whim, because I decided we should "shop" around more, I called up K's broker. She ran some numbers and got our price range up by $15K simply by adding more money to our down. I know, it sounds very obvious, but broker #1 only figured a five percent down even though we told him we had more...The thing is, we're already keeping out about $5K for moving costs, appliances and maybe a piece or two of new furniture PLUS another $10K just for emergency savings. I think we're being very prudent - so why NOT spend that other $15K? I mean, really - especially if it gets us some nicer houses from which to choose....which brings me to the realtor. A very nice guy mind you, but I have now asked him three times to not show us houses in a certain area - "nothing below 14th Avenue" I told him.

What did he do today? Sent me an e-mail with listings that were ALL below 14th Avenue.


I think we're going to contact a friend of a friend who, apparently, specializes in finding "homes with character" for people with, uh, challenged incomes.

Not that our income is particularly challenged - it's just that houses cost so ...oh never mind, I'm beginning to sound like a freaking skipping record over here.

Which is maybe why I don't post as often anymore. I don't know what to say without just complaining. My life is very mundane right now: work, house, work, house, GB, a few friends, errands, cleaning, reading, TV and a tiny, tiny smidgen of writing.

I need to write more.

Actually, I am working on a project - I'm not being a complete lame-ass...Just half of a lame-ass...I keep telling myself, as I sit on the couch watching several episodes of The 0.C in a row, that I'm just making up for all the lost free time from when I was in school. Is it MY fault that The 0.C. was on my school nights and I now have to play catch up? I think not...

Have I mentioned lately that I want to marry Ad*m Br0dy...even more so than when he was L*ne's bf on Gi1more Girls? Seriously, I even dreamt about him the other night...that I kissed him....How 15-year-old of me is that? Never mind that he, uh, 10 years younger than me.

Oh well, I make no apologies. Oh wow, I just checked his 1MDB profile--he's in that new Br*dd P*tt/Ange1ina movie...I kind of already wanted to see that just for the cheesy Br*dd/Ange1ina factor....now, add in my dear pretend TV bf Ad*m Br0dy...I am so there....

OK, which do you like better? Complaining me? Or random stupid 15-year-old-ish me?

OK, I'll shut up now.

5:44 pm - 03.09.05

sounds: L0w
i am: 15-years-old-ish


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