from a shell (pt. 2)

important update to the below entry: I finished THREE books - not two...just wanted to straighten that out...ahem...carry on...

i like listening to music in Italian. It makes me feel smarter.


So, it's Tuesday...this must be hell. And yes it has been. Returned to work yesterday - after a week off - for just a few minutes because I had an out-of-town client meeting to deal with. So today was really my first full-day back. My first day back and within the first hour I was informed that the project that I was working on - the project that was due in a few hours - had been elevated in status to lead project which meant it needed to be twice as involved, blah blah blah. No one bothered to tell me this - despite the fact that I was perfectly reachable by phone and e-mail last week - until today. I am always the last to know. Needless to say, I was pissed - mainly because THEIR crisis - (this HAS to be the lead project! What do you mean you can't make it longer, more involved, etc) became MY crisis. And frankly I just refused the stress.

I'm sorry, I told them very politely. But since no one bothered to tell me until today, there's not really anything I can do about it. I'll give you what I've got.

Luckily my immediate boss - who was also on vacation last week and missed out on the covert meeting wherein my project was reassigned a super status - agreed with me and told me not to worry about it.

Feh. Damn people.

In good news though, I'm getting back $1591 from the federal government and state government. Well, actully the SPOUSE and I are getting it back together but because I took on extra bills while he was unemployed, paid more taxes (and not just because he was unemployed, but because I had more withheld) AND had the super-high tuition bill that allowed us to qualify for a $900 deduction - it only seemed fair.

But don't worry all you folks that think I might go a-partying in the Bahamas without the hubby - the money's going straight to the awful credit card. That moola, coupled with the $1500 I'm supposed to receive from work once this semester is over, will reduce my credit card bill down to almost nothing.

I cannot freaking wait and am praying daily that no major catastrophe comes along and wipes out my little credit card nest egg...

So what did the Shivers do on her spring vacation?

So glad you asked:

  • Registered for the fall semester
  • Made a quick shopping stop at Ikea and dropped only $40!
  • Took my car not once but TWICE to the dealership to have them repair a broken latch on my center arm rest. Yep, my brand-new car, in the shop not even a month after I got it...
  • Worked on my upcoming term paper
  • Started a half-hearted effort to clean out some closets
  • Went shopping (booty: two pairs of shoes, including a pair of black Dr. Scholl's sandals), five pairs of underwear and one bra - thanks for asking)
  • Went to see The Rave*nettes
  • Decided I had WAYYYY too much free time on my hands and volunteered to be on the publishing committee for this year's MFA reading (what was I thinking? - this involves extensive use of Adobe Illustrator which i have never used in my life - thank goodness the spouse is somewhat familiar with it...hey honey, guess what committee you're on!
  • Wrote - yes, wrote. Wrote several thousand words in fact. I don't even care if they're crappy, damn it, I wrote
  • Took a couple of naps
  • Finished two books

And so now it's back to the grind and only three weeks left of classes, four weeks til my term paper is due and five weeks til the final....just seven weeks until I start my summer independent study...the fun around here never ends, I tell you....

4:17 pm - 04.15.03

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