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Small loopy world eh?

1. I call myself: I don’t call myself…don’t you think that would be weird if I tried to call myself?

2. I am this old: 32

3. My hair looks like: never how I want it to look – I wish it were sleek and smooth.

4. My favorite thing to drink is: Diet Coke and coffee (black).

5. My favorite food is: caffeine and chocolate.

6. I am this tall: 5'5" (and-a-half)

7. When I get up in the morning the first thing I do is: swear

8. The last thing I do before I go to bed is: check the alarm and make sure there’s a fresh glass of water by the bed.


1. I take baths or showers: showers

1. I use a comb or a brush: brush

2. I blow dry my hair or let it air dry usually I blow it dry – or else I’d have a wavy, frizzy mess on my hands.

3. My toothpaste is: Arm & Hammer

4. My toothbrush color is: white and green

5. I like hot or cold showers: hot

6. What I do in the shower: I spend way too much time in there. Sometimes I think I must fall asleep in there.

7. My least favorite thing about the shower is: nothing – I love showers.

Primary School

1. My mom drove me to school or I rode the bus: Both – depended on the school or the day.

2. My favorite teacher was: 3rd Grade, Mrs. W.

3. My least favorite teacher was: 4th grade, Mr. W.

4. My favorite book was: “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott

5. My favorite field trip was to: the Dr. Pepper plant in Fort Worth, TX.

6. What I remember most about primary school is: liking school and always trying to be “good” and “smart” as opposed to “cool” and “popular”.

High School

1. My favorite subject in high school is/was: English, drama and journalism

2. My favorite activity in high school: Journalism, drama and media

3. I was in the band and I played: I was in the band in junior high and played flute.

4. I was in this school play(s): The Odd Couple (female version).

5. I was in this crowd at school: geek, loner, freak.

6. I had detention this many times: Just a couple of times, I mostly managed to avoid it.

7. I drove to school: Never. Didn’t get my license until I was 18. I know – L.O.S.E.R.

8. I skipped class this many times: All the freaking time. Nearly flunked out my freshman year. But by the time I was a senior I’d managed to balance cutting class with getting good grades – honestly.

9. I was always late for class: Yep.

10. Tell us a weird high school fact: Freshman year someone asked me to play Joey Ramone in a music video they were making. They gave me a wig and a leather jacket and had me run from my “fans”.

11. Tell us more: What do you want to know? I was anti-social and lonely and awkward. I used to sit by myself at lunch with my headphones on writing in my diary. I was “that girl”.

12. I went to prom with: See above – do you really think I went to my prom?

13. I went to this many football games: A couple. Freshmen year one of my best friends was a cheerleader. Really. She was the “weird” cheerleader though.

14. My favorite field trip was: I don’t remember any good high school field trips. The best field trips were the ones where I cut class and did stuff on my own I guess.

15. I was in the principal's office this many times: A couple of times freshman year.


1. My first cassette I bought was: Honestly I don’t remember. Though just today I put a cassette on in the car that I’ve had since my freshman year in high school – the Smith’s Hatful of Hollow.

2. My first CD I bought was: I think it was a Cocteau Twins CD.

3. I at one time owned records/or still do: Hell yes.

4. Do you have a favorite band/singer: Too many to list. Really. But lately I can’t stop listening to Jawbreaker. I don’t know what it is. Must be part of this whole-prolonged adolescence thing.


1. I still write letters and mail them out: Not nearly enough.

2. I spend this much time online a day: All day at work – on and off at home.

3. I want to travel to: London, Spain and Central America.

4. My favorite phrase is: Don’t really have one. Unless you count “fuck you” or “I’m so tired” as phrases.

5. My favorite quote: is one I’m not sharing here.

6. I live in an: one-bedroom (but very spacious) duplex.

7. I want to move to: maybe Portland or Seattle some day.

8. My goals in life are: Finish my MFA, start teaching. To finally feel settled.

9. My favorite sport to watch is: basketball.

10. This is on my walls: Various paintings (mostly by people I know) and kitschy thrift store art.

11. I'm a sucker for: blue eyes.

12. I couldn't live without this: rock’n’roll and driving.

13. The thing that drives me completely crazy is: stupid, rude people.

14. The best thing about my life is: my spouse and my cats.

15. This makes me nervous/stressed out/upset: my family, work, school, people, you name it….

16. My favorite scent is: freshly-brewed coffee, ginger or honeysuckle.

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