and the shine with its sheen...

I have a raging headache this morning. Not enough coffee yet, I guess.

But, besides this trifling matter, it's a beautiful crisp and sunny morning -- I tried to enjoy it as much as possible on my way to work - despite the raging headache and despite the knowledge that it will be 90-ish degrees later today. Perhaps it is the knowledge that it will be super-hot today that has given me a headache.

But, the cloying promise of heat aside, I do love my summer mornings. Everything seems shiny and fresh and full of amazing possibilities...it's enough to make you want to quit your job and find a way to make a living just eating popsicles and wearing flip-flops. Maybe I should get a job driving an ice-cream truck?

I did rebel against corporate America today. Kind of. I'm wearing my thick-soled denim Gap thong sandals. So they're like flip-flops but they're Gap - which is corporate, so it's like I'm casual, but in that dressed-down Friday sorta way. I'm such a rebel...fear me...and damn if I don't love that satisfying flip-flop sound when I walk...

I really need to focus and get to work but I'm kind of overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crap that I have to get done. Even if I am ultra-focused for the rest of the week (and I *have* been focused and productive so far this week), it looks like I will still have to work next Monday - Memorial Day. Not fun. I mean, I'll get next Friday off in exchange - but GB has Monday off and I'd like to have it off with him...whine....whine....whine....

Got my state tax refund check yesterday. As soon as I get my federal refund I'm going to make a gigantic credit card payment. And then, next month, I should get a tuition reimbursement check from work - it only covers about one-fifth of one semester's tuition, but it's still a healthy amount and will do nicely to reduce my credit card debt even further. I'm so excited, if I can just keep my spending in relative check, I should have my debt (not including school debt- which we will not count because it's a lifetime investment - not another pair of shoes) should be down to next to nothing

This makes me even feel better about the gigantic TV in our living room. Damn it is big. Loralei & Rory were lifesize on last night's episode of The Gilmore Girls...I know I must seem obsessed with this TV - I am I guess. Growing up we had the same 19-inch TV for years. I mean YEARS. My parents got this 19 inch color TV in 1977 - it seemed like such a big deal at the time because previously we'd been watching our episodes of Emergency! and Charlies Angels on a very small black and white TV. That same TV remained in the family until just a few years ago. More than 20 years. For the most part the picture remained pretty decent. I mean the TV looked antiquated and stodgy but you could still watch it which is why my mother, who doesn't watch much TV, kept it for so long. I mean the damn thing didn't have a remote - something that was luckily remedied once we got cable when I was in high school.

What's funny is that I didn't even realize my mother finally got rid of it until just a few weeks ago when I was over at her house and noticed the big new 27 inch TV in the family room. She swears she's had it for a few years now, but I'm not sure if I believe her. I think she's trying to pull one over on me so that I don't give her a hard time for holding on to the old one for so many years...

When I lived on my own I just had a small 13-inch color TV. And then when GB & I moved in together we used his color 20 inch TV - which seemed pretty big to me. So, you can imagine why then, having a TV that is 60 percent larger would be kind of weird.

Alright, I guess I should stop thinking about TV and just get to work....

11:22 am - 05.21.03

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