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Long day today.

Stayed up until about 2 a.m. and slept very hard only to wake up very suddenly - out a deep sleep - at 8:30 a.m. Couldn't go back to sleep so I got up, got the paper, kept the front door open (we have a screen door on our front door), made coffee and then sat on the couch w/ the kitties, read the paper and sipped my coffee.

It was quite lovely.

Goofed around the house (cleaned, organized, putzed around on the Internet, played with the cats) until K. came over at 2. We went for lunch and then hit the resale shops to trade in clothes for new (well, new-to-us) stuff.

I actually did pretty well. Got $60 trade at one shop - used it all on a pair of slim-fitting Esprit trousers (sort of these semi-shiny blue things), a Banana Republic black and cream sleeveless top and a short-sleeved sky blue Calvin Klein top that still had the original price tag. ($45 - I got it for $13). Oh, a star necklace and a cute rosary-styled bracelet (blue).

Then we went across the street - lugging the stuff that shop #1 didn't take). Shop #2 took another $60 worth of stuff and I got a pair of really cute black sandals, a sleeveless black top (you really don't want to know how many sleeveless black tops I own) and a super cute pair of Gap denim "hipster trousers". And I walked away with $15 cash.

Then K. dragged me to a few more shops (by this point I was getting tired and my post-lunch iced coffee was wearing off). But I gamely made it through two more shops before heading home for a short power nap.

Yeah, I know...you really wanted to know the blow-by-blow details of my day didn't you?

Sorry, it's just that I feel remarkably single in that hmmm, what do I do next? sort of way.

Not a bad thing - not at all...it's nice to not have to juggle or mold my schedule around another person's.

It's nice to be able to play whatever CD I want (tonight=Shudder to Think, Patti Smith, Dwight Twilley, Puffy AmiYumi and the Sundays) whenever I want at whatever volume I want. It's nice to play 'em twice in a row if I feel like it.

It's nice to take the last Diet Coke from the fridge and not worry that someone else is going to be disappointed to find that it's gone.

It's nice to leave a mess in the living room / kitchen / bedroom and vow to clean it up when I feel like it.

Now if only I didn't miss GB so goddamned much...

I talked to him last night - he called me from Vegas. The show they were playing was some after-hours show - not the best gig in the world but what the hell right?

The first show in LA went really well. It was a showcase gig and it turns out that on Thursday someone from Capitol Records called the Band's manager and said he really dug them.

This band could sell a 100,000 records on just the strength of one single he told the manager.

Hmmm (raises eyebrow skeptically - sounds a little too like something out of "Almost Famous" for my taste).

In any case, he wants to hear a demo so we'll see where that leads.

Tonight is Provo. Tomorrow they're off and Monday it's Salt Lake City.

After that I have no idea - it all becomes a blur of Colorado, Montana, Washington and Oregon in my head...

He says he's having a good time - although in the same breath he said he was ready to come home. Luckily there's another vegetarian in the other band so he's not totally alone in his quest for plant life. And other than the seedy motel they stayed in the first night their lodgings haven't been too bad.

Boy I'm just a boring mess tonight aren't I? Go read Migraine Girl instead - she's got action and suspense and bar fights... a much better read, I promise...

11:45 pm - 07.20.02

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